about GENNOU-YA (makers of wood-craft articles)

  • Gennou-ya Production of order furniture

  • Production of wooden articles for house ( for example doors, furniture etc )

  • Repair and remake of furniture

  • Original production of wood-craft articles,known as "SETO-KUMIKO"

  • All the above articles are on sale

If you like to visit the shop,

Please telephone us before-hand.

[Contact address]

119-1, Otsubocho, Seto-city, Aichi Japan 〒489-0962

[Telephone and Fax] 81 (0) 561-21-6678

Please come and see the modern and beautiful " KUMIKOZAIKU " from 「GENNOU-YA 」,

makers of wood-craft articles, at 119-1, Otsubocho, Seto-city Aichi-JAPAN - 489-0962

We make wood-craft articles, out of good wooden-pieces, without using glue or nails.This technique

is known as " KUMIKOZAIKU"

「 GENNOU - YA 」 (makers of wood-craft articles, serving the customers from 2009)

In Seto-city, there is shop, making wood-craft articles.

We are making wood-craft articles, which can be used for interior decoration of houses. Customers

can order these articles.

These wood-craft areticles make a good mixture of traditional Japanese and modern art.

Artist of 「GENNOU-YA」

GENNOU-YA being made with a brother.

  • Left: Noriyuki Yamada

  • Right: Hitoshi Yamada